Varsity Girls Football – Strong showing against ACS Hillingdon


On the 15th and 16th of September the Girls Varsity Soccer Team battled it out against ACS Hillingdon. On both days, immense improvements were seen throughout the whole team. In their first game they played aggressively and dominated. A penalty scored by Stephanie Ruedin (’19) brought the score up to 1-0. Unfortunately a goal was scored by Hillingdon’s team within the last few minutes of the game, ending the game in a 1-1 tie. Fleur Fahner (’18) and Alice Laglia (’18) contributed in the midfield, running lots, and regaining possession whenever the ball was lost to the other team. Annie Rollinson (’18) fought for the ball again and again, proving to be a vital part in the defense.

On Saturday the girls played their second game against Hillingdon and the final score was another 1-1 tie. Josefine Glansk (’21) scored in the first half. However had it not been for Eva Ordonez (’19) and Charlotte Model (’18) in defense, Hillingdon would have had many more chances to score. The girls were very happy with their efforts, and are looking forward to play in Munich next weekend!



Written by Myriam Meijer (’19)

Edited by Lucas Frauenlob (‘20) and Sarah Felicity Black (‘18)


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