Amnesty International Refugee Dinner


Around the world, there are around 21 million refugees fleeing from persecution violence and abuse. Many countries are shutting out those in need of help, although 80% of people worldwide are ready to accept refugees. This is why Amnesty International is hosting the first ZIS Syrian Refugee Dinner. All profits from this dinner will be donated to Amnesty’s “I Welcome Refugees” campaign which encourages the worldwide acceptance of refugees and works to fight stigma that asylum seekers face. In a world that continually shuts doors on those who seek help, this campaign works to protect refugees that are most vulnerable.

On Saturday October 28th, there will be a Mediterranean Style Buffet Feast in the Upper School at 18:30. Using this link you can take part in this evening of fine Middle Eastern cuisine and entertainment for 45 CHF. A dinner might not change the world, but everyone can contribute to the cause by taking this opportunity to help out those in need, all while having a fun night.


Written by: Anna Kuznetsova (’20)



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