Varsity Boys football SCIS in Warsaw


While some enjoyed the first weekend of October break the Varsity Boys Football team went to Warsaw for the Annual SCIS tournament. Arriving on Thursday, the boys spent the night in Warsaw and were ready for the following day. The first of three games on Friday ended in a 2-1 defeat. The team went 2-0 down coming into halftime and despite showing incredible amounts of fight and determination in the second half were only able to pull one goal back coming from Ilkka Cheema (‘18), leaving the team at a (2-1) loss. Bernard Van Acker (‘19) even claimed: “If the game would have gone on for 5 more minutes we would have equalized if not won”. The following game was against the host team Warsaw, with both ZIS and Warsaw being very evenly matched. Luckily, a moment of brilliance from Ilkka Cheema (‘18) saw the game end in a 1-0 victory for the Lions and the team was back on track. After a 3 hour lunch break the team was ready to face Budapest, a team full of new players. Despite going into the half at 1-0 down, the team showed great spirit and belief as they managed a great 1-4 comeback. Yannick Helfenstain (‘20) scoring a hat trick and Tim Reif (‘18) contributing with the equalizing goal. When asked about being the first 10th grader to score a hat trick for varsity, Yannick Helfenstein (‘20) replied “Litty Committee”. The team finished the day in second place and needed two wins the following day to be crowned champions. The first game on Saturday was against fierce rivals Munich. ZIS started the game strong and created a plethora of chances, nevertheless, couldn’t capitalize. Munich took the lead through a spectacular bicycle kick and then doubled their lead In the second half ZIS scored a goal which was deemed as offside and a devastating Munich counter attack ended the game 3-0. Exhausted after 4 matches, the team lost 1-0 to AISV, ending a pretty disappointing tournament in Warsaw. In retrospect team captain Matt Davidson (‘18) stated: “he team showed moments of brilliance however we must improve our fitness levels and work harder for each other if we want to win ISST”.


Written by: Alejandro Graber (‘18)

Edited by: Sarah Felicity Black (‘18)


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