Part 2: The First Ninja Mission



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“The Hokage assigned you kids to protect me?” the bridge builder asked for the upteenth time. They had been over this question too many times since they had started the voyage and the answer was still the same.

“We’re not just normal kids,” Oliver explained as he had done the last few hundred times after the others got tired of these clarifying questions. “We’re Genin. We can fight and we are fully capable of dealing with brigands.”

Suddenly, the Kakashi stopped. They were in the woods. The Kakashi held up one hand and everyone froze, leading the Genin to form a defensive circle around the bridge builder. All of a sudden spiked chains wrapped themselves around Kakashi and two ninja stepped out of the trees. The ninjas were controlling the chains. They pulled hard on them. With no way to block them, Kakashi Sensei was shredded before their eyes.

The two ninja were from the village hidden in the mist.

Greta tried to attack, but the ninja shot chains with poisoned knives from the mechanical hands they were wearing. The knives caught Greta on the hand, but Greta was able to evade further injury. She turned to attack the ninja speeding towards Myriam, who was right in front of the bridge builder. The ninja were about to kill Myriam, but Freddy stepped in front.

“Don’t worry I got you,” Freddy yelled, as he flew over their heads and kicked the ninjas straight in the face.

In response, the ninja turned and shot at Freddy. Freddy evaded the chains and kicked both the ninja in the chest – the momentum giving him extra strength –  breaking the chains and causing the ninja to stumble back.

Before the ninja could ready themselves for another attack, faster than the eye could detect, foot connected with jaws and fist hit face. It was another ninja. The two attacking ninjas were no match for this extremely fast ninja, who was on the teenagers side. The attacking ninja fled. When the teenagers saw who their savior was their eyes bugged out.

“Kakashi sensei?’ Myriam asked.

“How-” Oliver started to say, before seeing a chopped up log in the path. Kakashi had used a replacement Jutsu. “You knew they were there?” Oliver asked amazed. “Yes, I saw a puddle in the road”, answered Kakashi. “And, I knew we hadn’t had any rain for a few days, so it could only mean that there were ninja were hiding.” Kakashi finished the explanation to notice that Oliver was the only one listening.

“Why do you always have to be the cool one?” Greta asked Freddy.

“Greta now is not the time for quarrel, those ninjas have poison right now we need to-” Kakashi was cut off as Greta stabbed her injured hand with a kunai knife.

“Greta…” Oliver said, surprised at Greta’s actions. Greta withdrew the knife from her hand and let her blood drip onto the grass. By stabbing the knife into her hand, she had removed the poison from her bloodstream. However, her wound still needed to be treated.

“Greta, that was strong of you to remove the poison but I need to bandage your hand right now otherwise you might pass out soon,” warned the Sensei. Greta sat down on a tree stump and allowed him to wrap a bandage around her bleeding hand.

“I owe you all an apology,” the bridge builder uttered sheepishly, tracing the dirt on his shoes. “Your youth blinded me to the strength you might have. After seeing you fight the way you did I realize I was mistaken about your capabilities. I’m sorry.”

“It’s our job to protect,” Kakashi said to dismiss the builder’s apology, “however I do need to know something. Did you know that you were being pursued by ninja? Those were ninja from the Village Hidden In The Mist, they shouldn’t be anywhere near this Village In The Leaves. If we had known that there were ninja after you, we would have definitely ranked this a B ranked mission or higher,” Kakashi told the builder.

“Yes and I understand if you want to end this mission now-” the bridge builder started, before Kakashi cut him off.

“No our mission still stands, but we will need some explanation from you when we get you home,” Kakashi instructed.


“You let them escape?!” the small man roared at the ninja in front of him. “I hired you both because you were supposed to be ruthless ninja. You were supposed to finish the job no matter what!” The small man was named Gato and he was a villain hiding behind a businessman’s appearance.

“Relax Gato,” a voice floated over. Gato turned to the speaker who was sitting on a couch, a sword the length of his body resting in his hand and against the floor. “If they really were fighting Kakashi I am not surprised that they failed. Don’t worry I’ll handle this one myself.”

“Oh you will! Hm, well you better not fail me as well.” Gato threatened.

“Honestly, who do you think you’re dealing with? I’m the demon of the mist.” The man on the couch, who was a ninja, smirked as he slowly disappeared into the thickness of the fog – the sword on his back in the direction of the Land of Waves.


Daniel Le Goff Pollack (’19)

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