Summer Reading Program 2019

Summer reading

Summer reading


The summer reading program is opening soon. The LS library will be open from May 27th to 29th 2019 in order to provide books for your children to read over the summer. If you have children in KG to G2, please come to the library yourself to get books for them. G3 to G5 students can check out for themselves during school time. We will provide bags.

Summer reading suggestions KG to Grade 1

Summer reading suggestions G2 to G3

Summer reading suggestions G4 to G5

 We ask that you just take two or three items from the lists in order to be fair to all.

Please look at the requirements below and we hope to see you at the library. Let’s avoid that summer slide!

Summer Reading Program Rules:

  • No student who has overdue items may take summer books.
  • If you are leaving ZIS you may not take out books.
  • If you leave unexpectedly during the summer, it is your responsibility to return books to the LS library.
  • Students Gr3 – Gr5 are invited to take out 10 books but will not be allowed to take an entire series – 2/3 books only. They check out on their own account
  • Parents of students in KG – Gr2 are invited to check out a total of 10 items on behalf of each of their children. KG – Gr2 students may not check out alone. Books will go on the parent account
  • All books borrowed from the LS library need to be returned to the LS library
    • This is especially important for Gr5 students as you will not be allowed to check out books from the Middle School Library if your LS library books are not returned.