2021 Portfolios

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Student Skillset

File Management (Organisation)

Students should be able to

navigate to the local Google Drive folder
check the status of Google Drive App
choose a location to save files (folders and subfolders/directories)
save files with appropriate filenames
create folders for subjects
navigate to the Google Drive web interface
switch between local storage and cloud storage when required
distinguish between types e.g. video, audio, Word docs etc
identify file sizes by bytes


Using Browsers (Organisation)

Students should be able to

access Google Chrome for online activities
switch to a different browser if Google Chrome does not work with any particular website
create a bookmarks bar with useful links to school related sites
change their homepage (recommended – Zehn Minuten)


Smartsync (Participation)

Students should be able to

connect to a teacher machine using smartsync student
exit smartsync to connect in order to connect to another teacher


Sharing files (Collaboration)

Students should be able to

share files using Google Drive online
move ‘shared with me’ files to their My Drive if access is needed for desktop apps
use the network share “Media Exchange” for the quick exchange of files


Zoodle (Participation and Collaboration)

Students should be able to

to navigate and log into zoodle
check zoodle for course updates, resources and homework
download a file and save to an appropriate location
right click links to access alternative opening options
enrol on courses
unenrol from courses
update their profile


Printing (Communication)

Students should

remember their printer code
be able to print from all applications
be able to check if the school printers are installed/connected
know that they can collect printed material from any printer in the school
be able to select between scanning and printing
be able to scan and send documents to their email account
respect the use of printers with regards to the volume of printing and not tamper with the equipment


Blogs (Creativity/Communication/Collaboration)

Students should be able to

log in to their blog
create and timestamp new posts
update posts
attach files – images, documents and audio
embed video from Google Drive
convert video files to avi (using Freemake Video)
reduce video file size (using Freemake Video)
join video files
use categories to organise posts
add or delete widgets from sidebars
change themes and select an appropriate theme to optimise readability


Email (Communication)

Students should be able to

  • access an email using Gmail
  • use CC
  • organise labels to manage emails
  • use the search function to find emails
  • add an attachment
  • open an attachment and save to an appropriate location if required
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