Maths Camp

Challenge 1 – Are you ready to be Bob the Builder? (taken from here)

Back in 2010 a massive sink hole swallowed a building a neighbourhood in Guatemala (story here).

If you want to find out more about how is a sink hole form watch this video

You challenge is to work out how much concrete you would need to fill the hole and then find out how much it would cost.

Where to start:

Discuss with a partner the following questions

  • What is a guess that is too low?
  • What is a guess that is too high?
  • What is your best guess?
  • What information do we need to know to figure this out?

Background Information

This sink hole was amazing because of its size but also how cylindrical it was. Here are a few other articles so you can find out more – article 1 & article 2. The two videos below will also help to give you an idea of the size of the whole

Get your measuring tapes out – How big is the hole?

There are differing reports on how big the hole actually is:

  • National Geographic: “60 feet (18 meters) wide and about 30 stories deep” (assuming a story is about 10 feet, then about 300 feet deep)
  • Time Magazine: “runs some 200 ft. deep”
  • CNN: “The 20-meter (about 66 feet) diameter sinkhole is about 30 meters (about 100 feet) deep.”
  • Slate: “A sinkhole, 65 feet across and 100 feet deep”

Use these conclusions to help you come up with the dimensions of the hole:

  •  National Geographic, CNN, and Slate seem to agree that the diameter is about 20 meters, so that is what I will assume.
  • The depth measurement varies from 100 feet to 200 feet to 300 feet. Obviously that is a huge difference.
  • The pictures don’t seem to be helpful in determining the depth.
  • Looking at the video, the sinkhole looks to be a little more than 1.5 times deeper than it is wide. So, that seems to match up with the CNN and Slate measurements.

Once you have the dimensions you need to work out the volume and once you have done that you need to use this site to help to work out the cost (link here)

N.B. The prices on the above site are in Australian dollars and these won’t help in Guatemala if you have to pay local workers.

Bonus – Could a domino topple a skyscraper?

Super Sleuth

Well we have a challenge for you – it is time to reveal your inner sleuth.

We have all heard that when you publish information online it stays there. Now it is time for your to scour the internet and find some of that information. I challenge you all to find out as much information about me (Will Kirkwood) as you can. Remember a sleuth doesn’t stop when they have found one clue.

As you collect the information draw a footprint on a piece of paper and note down all the things that you “think” you know about me.

The Art of Blogging

We are going to look at what makes a great student blog post. To get a great post you have to craft your idea into a well presented and structured piece. This lesson has been adapted from a number of sources included – Always Learning & Visible Thinking

Part 1See Think Wonder

You are going to have a chance to explore a range of blog posts. Whilst you look at each post you should think about these questions:

  • What do you see?
  • What do you think about that?
  • What does it make you wonder?

After look at the blog posts have a group discussion about your thoughts. As a group try to answer the question – What makes a great blog post?

Blog Post 1 

Blog Post 2

Blog Post 3

Blog Post 4

Blog Post 5

Part 2 – Responsible Use

Take a look at this film. Have a group discussion about why you think this video was made.

As a group try to develop a list for responsible use of blogs – you could use this list as inspiration

Part 3 – Write

Now it is time to write your blog post. A great start would to be produce a post about your Learning Path Goal. Remember to refer to your list of what makes a great post.

Here are a few further pointers as you are writing:

  • Give your post a Powerful Title
  • Add an image
  • Reflect on which TD skill your post is related to. Make sure you write about this
  • Add it to a category
  • Double check your post before publishing

A Success – Free Day

The weather really didn’t help out today but none the less we had a great “Free Day” today. 

I was amazed at how organized the kids were. Everyone brought something in to eat or play. We had games of Twister, Extreme Jenga, Dance Competitions and of course video game showdowns. 

A few brave souls even tried to make a fire. We got it started but it was only enough to roast some marshmallows (we had to cook the sausages/Wurst in the staff lounge). 

Super day, super class. I am going to miss these kids


Free Day – Monday

It has been set – our “Free Day” will be Monday. The students have all planned to bring different things in to make the day even more special (parents: maybe remind them to bring it with them on Monday). I can’t wait to see how they will run the day.

Have a good weekend

We are home

Just to keep you in the loop we are all home again. Elodie, Olivia and I came back from the Geburtshaus Delphys (an amazing place) and Dylan is back after a couple of nights with Grandma.

Things are still going great. Dylan is a super proud big brother and Elodie is settling in well.

I am planning to stay home for the next couple of days and return to class on Thursday. We will make plans for our “free day” then.

Just a reminder that Thursday is also the day for our bike safety session, so remember to bring your bike in.

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