Film Making

On this page you will have a series of challenge activities that you will work on.

Animate Me – Motion Pictures can provoke

In this activity you will learn some simple “homemade” animation tricks which will make your videos look amazing. Watch the video and then create a sequence of clips which incorporate the ideas that you saw in the video

Book Trailers – Motion Pictures can inform

I am sure you have read plenty of book descriptions and reviews before but have you ever seen a book trailer? In this activity you will need to make a “book trailer” movie about one of your favourite books. Think about all the movie trailers you have seen – how they grab your attention, how they tell you part of the story (but not too much) and how they end. Upload your book trailer to the class Vimeo page with the title – Book Trailer (Name of book) (Your Name).

Weather Report – Motion Pictures can inform

Everyday on the TV hundreds of meteorologists (weather experts) give their predictions of what the weather will be like. In group you will have your chance to deliver the weather for “ZIS News”.

For the actual weather forecast click on this link

Show Don’t Tell –  Motion Pictures can entertain

This activity is designed to make you think about how to tell your stories visually. Choose one of the subjects below, storyboard it and then shoot it. Try to make your video so that anyone watching it with the sound turned off could understand what is going on.

  • The Gift – Someone receives a present from a person that they barely know. The person who got the present is unsure why they received the present. Do they want something in return? Are they just being nice? When they receive the present they hide their suspicions and try to act happy.
  • History – A former student of ZIS publishes a history of their time at the school and in it they reveal a big secret.
  • Sickness – Winter is coming and the number of people at school with the flu is increasing. The nurse is try to make sure everyone washes their hands to make sure that is doesn’t spread more.

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What does it sound like? – Motion pictures can provoke

Have you ever thought about what “red” sounds like? Does happiness or sadness have its own sound? In this activity you are going to have to think about how you can convey the sound of some unusual objects. Choose an object below and make a sound sequence of what it sounds like.

  • Chocolate
  • Green
  • Regret
  • Walking


Cliches – Motion Pictures can provoke

I bet if I asked what should a horror movie would look like most of us would say the same thing. That is the thing about movie making – there are so many cliches out there at we should avoid if we want to make a powerful movie ourself. In this activity you will need to choose a topic from below and then take a 30 second video which look at the topic from a totally different perspective.

  • Horror
  • Love
  • Fear
  • Envy
  • Boredom



In this task you will need to develop an engaging handshake. Then you will need to make a movie which gives step by step instructions of how to do it. Make sure each step is clear and explain how each step connects to each other.

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